Collaborating Remotely

If you’re looking to simplify the ways your team works, check out Box, a single platform for secure content management, workflow and collaboration. What’s more, its handy collaborative note-taking tool makes it easy for people to swap ideas and see developments as they occur in real time – essential for keeping everyone on the same page. FreshBooks may be best known as a cloud accounting software for small businesses. But the FreshBooks platform also offers an online collaboration feature that makes it easy for remote teams to manage and partner on projects—making it a great project management tool for remote teams. Remote workers can also utilize cloud-based collaboration software that allows them to work on the same document at the same time. Such software allows for real time changes to occur when an individual edits a document, so that everyone can be involved in the creation or editing process. This promotes teamwork and can improve productivity since workers will not be waiting for documents to be sent back and forth when changes are made.

what is remote collaboration

Make sure that your team members have an understanding of do’s and dont’s of outside-work-hours communication. Assign a team member with the task of taking minutes and notes for each meeting. Ask them to summarize any important ideas conveyed during the meeting, key talking points, or interesting keywords that could be important for future reference. Instead of having to ask team members for the latest versions of whatever they’re working on every time you need them, you can simply log into your online storage service and grab the newest version.

Embrace Asynchronous Communication

In those situations, the last thing you want to do is send the file as an email attachment. Not only can it take forever to upload and download, but sending sensitive files via email isn’t the most secure way to share information. FreshBooks offers a free 30-day trial (no credit card required!), with plans starting at $15 USD per month. You also need to have access to all the project deliverables—and for those deliverables to be organized and easy to find when you need them.

what is remote collaboration

In the modern age of globalization, multinational corporations have become commonplace and remote collaboration has become more important as a result. In many cases, corporate offices are located in at least two continents. Even on a national level, it’s common to see multiple branches located in different regions of the same country. Read on below to learn more about remote collaboration or jump to our collaboration solutions page for more insights into effective corporate collaboration. Taking a detail-oriented, “documentation-first” approach can be immensely helpful in terms of keeping everyone on the same page and having something to refer back to if necessary. Recurring team meetings (e.g., weekly or biweekly) can serve as an excellent base to start from when trying to streamline communication. Remote onboarding done right can be far more scalable, efficient, and impactful.

Why Remote Work Tools Are Important For Your Distributed Workforce

It’s a great tool for collaborative remote teams searching for a one-stop shop for their project or task management needs. Makes collaborative working even easier for remote team members who live in different time zones.

  • You can collaborate in real-time by inviting teammates, or even share documents with external stakeholders.
  • From hiring and HR to onboarding and tracking expenses, Paperform creations can help automate loads of everyday processes to keep your team organised and connected.
  • When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.Try Smartsheet for free, today.
  • This platform helps mitigate forgotten passwords by storing all passwords in a secure digital vault & automating form filling.
  • Not only does this allow for more productivity, but it also allows employees to work together in finding the answer to their questions.

Remote collaboration technology could be the tool to connect you to the rest of the world.

Build In Time For Glitches

The software has been carefully designed to be intuitive & easy-to-use so that people with different experiences Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices can use it. Toggl’s basic plan is free, but it’s more targeted to freelancers and solopreneurs.

  • The more you work to combat the inherent isolation of remote work, the less affinity distance will negatively impact your team.
  • Forest is an application that adds a unique twist to remote work by rewarding users to not use their phone.
  • But many organizations are struggling to reach pre-remote levels of productivity.
  • Even on a national level, it’s common to see multiple branches located in different regions of the same country.
  • With these 12 integrations, you can automate everything from reminder messages to data analysis to managing new leads.

It’s also about celebrating achievements, providing useful feedback, and engaging with one another. 94% of organizations report better online security, 80% of them see operation improvements, and according to 63% there is a significant jump in flexibility. Often, explaining something in detail over chat can make for a long-winded, unwieldy text that’s as tiring to read as it is to write. A recorded video can turn a 10-minute long back-and-forth in chat into a quick 30-second tutorial. Encourage your team members to ask questions if there’s an instruction, process, message, or anything that’s causing any confusion.

How To Make Remote Team Collaboration More Successful

Slackis one of the most used tools forRemote Collaborationbecause it allows you to stay engaged with your team from anywhere. Thanks to the communication easiness, you can stay productive and aligned with your remote team all the time. Attendance at team meetings is essential for any team-based operation.

Since information is constantly added, updated and altered, wikis can get unwieldy when you’re not careful. Luckily, Notion has a Slack integration that sends your team a notification when someone makes a noteworthy change.

Encourage Virtual Social Spaces To Connect And Unwind

For the 83% of remote employees who reported coming up with a great idea in a team brainstorm that never had any follow-through, this ability to track and record ideas is game changing. As mentioned earlier, maintaining transparency is one of the critical factors of remote collaboration. However, achieving transparent communication with your team is one of the biggest challenges for managers and leaders. Lack of transparency leads to situations like lack of trust, low employee morale, disinterest towards work and loss of engagement. It is almost impossible to achieve remote collaboration without sharing the necessary internal as well as external information of the company. Every remote team is different; therefore, while choosing a remote collaboration tool, focus on your team’s requirements and look for the tool that fits best.

This can ease relationships and, somewhat paradoxically, improve communication because work is less bound by space and time. Collaboration is the process where all the team members work together to achieve the unified goal of the organization. Hence, the tool selected must have collaborative abilities for the smooth progress of project activities. This is essential for remote collaboration; all team members should have permission to view and access the documents, communication, and other related components related to the project. When you are about to select tools for remote collaboration, certain features must be considered to prevent challenges and ensure smooth processes of work.

By implementing the tips outlined above, you can build a stronger team of remote workers. While focused meetings are essential to project work, don’t forget that virtual “water cooler” time is also necessary for building solid relationships among team members. Promote positive company culture through activities like multiplayer gaming, virtual coffee sessions, or a dedicated channel for casual conversations. While a flexible work schedule is a benefit of remote work, team schedules must be aligned. It’s challenging to build team collaboration if employees don’t have the opportunity for real-time communication.

Remote Tools For File Storage

When this happens it can have a significant impact on the organization and since transitioning to remote work many businesses have felt that impact. For example, 43% of C-suite executives responded that their company had to delay major launches, campaigns, or initiatives as a result of working remotely. These delays can set the organization back or cause them to lose an edge over the competition, both of which can result in loss of revenue. Appreciating other workers for their excellent work can be very important when it comes to collaborating effectively with others. Recognitions allow workers to express their gratitude towards a smart working employee and also helps in employee motivation.

  • Although these may seem somewhat trivial, when it comes to remote collaboration, no detail may be taken for granted.
  • However, asynchronous communication allows employees to reply in a timely manner when it’s most convenient or productive for them to do so.
  • Since the shift to remote work, employees say they are less creative.
  • Yet, many teams are still finding it hard to achieve a streamlined virtual workflow that allows them to maintain the same levels of productivity they enjoyed before going remote.

Your time (which, for all you know, could be 1 a.m. their time), World Time Buddy will do the work for you. To date, this digital mind mapping software has helped over 14 million people brainstorm 1.5 billion ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the must-try remote brainstorming apps to help inspire your crew’s best collaborative ideas. Evernote also allows users to transform written notes into digital format and store them in the relevant project notebook—perfect if your team prefers to jot down their notes on the fly. Then, as your project progresses and tasks are completed, team members can shift their Cards to different Lists (like “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed”).

The new, remote-focused way of working might be to set up a shared document or virtual whiteboard, such as Mural or Miro, shown above and below. But remember that no tool solves all collaboration issues on its own — the way you use the tools ultimately determines the success of your collaboration efforts. Get an in-depth look at the dozens of communication tools available for remote teams. Additionally, a shift to remote work allows companies to find talent in locations they couldn’t previously access.

While doing all this when you’re working together in real time is practical and fun, Slack excels asynchronously too. To rise to such challenges remotely, you need tools that enhance everyone’s workflow and promote your company culture, regardless of where your teams are based. Flock is a communication tool that helps teams collaborate by allowing them to message one another, share files, & video conference. Google Drive is a popular cloud-based storage system that is both convenient & secure for remote workers. Users can create all kinds of useful documents, such as spreadsheets, letters, & slideshows, using a variety of essential office tools. Pukkateam has a novel method of bringing remote teams closer together. It takes automated photos of employees’ faces throughout the day to help notify co-workers when team members are available.

Create Non

Remote collaboration hugely depends on employee’s sense of self-motivation. Employees can concentrate on their work without any external distractions and office chitchats.

Remote work means you can spend your workday in the comfort of your own home. You can stroll to the kitchen for a coffee, stay in those comfy pyjamas pants all day, and for those lucky enough, get the benefit of hanging out with your pets while you work. Connecting with team members over the internet requires a certain adjustment. Folks used to chatting by a water cooler, catching up over coffee or brainstorming on a real-life whiteboard can struggle with the transition. Remote Collaborationis a practice that is gaining ground all over the world and more and more companies are adopting it as a model, even more during these pandemic days. Sometimes it is good to clear the mind and get involved with other activities, it’s all about balancing the scales. Later on this blog, we will talk about the tools required for Remote Collaboration.

They can focus during uninterrupted chunks of time without breaking their productivity or flow to reply to a distracting message. Try intelligent remote work tools that allow you to visualize data in a simple and understandable format that makes decision-making more effective. Store digital brand assets such as videos, GIFs, social media banners, and more with this easy-to-use remote work technology. Staying in touch every day is essential, and email can quickly get clunky if you need to speak to multiple people at the same time. With the Wrike Gmail integration, you can effortlessly manage tasks in your inbox and capture work-related data from your inbox.

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